Burton Moody
Burton Moody
Title: Assistant Coach
Email: BMoody@csmd.edu

Coach Burton Moody, an eight year veteran to the Hawks coaching staff, began his career as coach leading the Hawks to their first winning season in ten years. He was an integral part to the 2016-17 and 2017-18 Region XX Championship teams. He helped the Hawks achieve their first win in the National Tournament in 2018.  

He attended Westlake High School in Charles County, playing Varsity in his sophomore year under Jimmy Ball. In 2003-2004, he earned a scholarship to Southern Maryland Christian Academy.  During his time at SMCA he was ranked ninth best forward in Maryland.  During his tenure at the Academy, Coach Moody played at an intense level, traveling to play against top players and future pro athletes. The Academy taught him the necessary skills to become the best player he can be. Coach Moody graduated from H.B. Plant High in Tampa, FL and was the second leading scorer on the team.

After graduating high school, Coach Moody attended Chesapeake College, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. During his 2008 season, the Skipjack Men’s Basketball team won the Division I Junior College Championship under the leadership of Coach Mappas. Coach Moody’s shooting percentage from the floor was one factor to what lead the Skipjack’s to their 27 and 4 record that season. Coach Moody and his team were inducted into the Skipjack Hall of Fame in October 2015 for their record breaking 2007-2008 season.

Coach Moody graduated from the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, in 2010. During his time at the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, Coach Moody also coached AAU Basketball for more than three years and helped young men acquire basketball skills as a way to tackle their behavioral and academic challenges. 

Coach Moody currently resides in Southern Maryland and teaches special education children. Coach Moody continues the pursuit of being an all-around strong player coaching his students on and off the court.  He brings an extensive knowledge and love for the sport.