What sports are offered at the College of Southern Maryland?

Fall Sports: Men's Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Volleyball
Winter Sports: Men's Basketball, Women’s Basketball
Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Golf

What conference does CSM participate in?

CSM is part of the Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference (MDJUCO) and part of the Region XX National Junior College Athletic Association. For more information on these please visit MDJUCO.org and/or NJCAA.org

When are tryouts scheduled and how often are practices held for a sport?

Tryouts are scheduled based on the sport and are arranged by the coach. Practice times and length also vary for each sport. Please email the individual coach for specific questions.

Is there a time limit on the number of years I can participate in a specific sport?

Yes, you cannot play more than two years (seasons) per sport. For example, you can play two years of soccer, two years of basketball, etc. You can also participate in both a fall sport and a spring sport, as long as you satisfy the eligibility requirements.

If I want to participate in a sport, how many credits do I have to be enrolled in?

You must be enrolled at CSM in a minimum of 12 credit hours for the entire time you participate in a sport. This is considered full-time status and is required by the NJCAA.

What is considered a Full Time attempt?

When you are taking 12 or more credits. Every time you go full time you will need to pass that semester with 12 or more credits with a 2.0 or higher GPA, in order to keep up with your athletic eligibility.

How do I contact CSM if I'm interested in trying out for a sport?

For general information, you can contact the Athletics Department, or feel free to contact any individual coach. The general Athletics Department telephone number is 301-934-7508.


  1. You need to be a full time student enrolled in 12 or more credits, during the season of participation.
  2. Must have the record of your high school diploma, and high school transcript, GED, or home school documents.
  3. Have a valid physical on file with the Athletics Department.
  4. International students must have a copy of your I-20, I-9, Green Card, or passport.
  5. Must be in 12 credited classes and not audited classes.
  6. If you are a transfer student, an official COPY OF THE COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT MUST be sent to the College Athletics Department.
  7. Since high school graduation if you have not attended college during any semester (non-enrollment), or attended college part-time during any semester you must document what you did outside of college.
  8. If you have been in the Armed Forces, give branch, date of enlistment, and date of discharge.