Former CSM Soccer Player Represents United States in International Tournament

Former CSM Soccer Player Represents United States in International Tournament


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January 22, 2019


Former CSM Soccer Player Represents United States in International Tournament


College of Southern Maryland (CSM) former soccer player and '18 Alumnus Max Bode has yet another milestone to add to his many accomplishments - he recently played for the United States U20 Futsal team in the Asociación Mundial de Futsal (AMF) U20 World Cup in Valledupar, Colombia. The fact that it was Bode's first time playing for a USA team was mirrored by the fact it was the first time the United States had entered a U20 team in the AMF tournament.

"It was amazing," he said. "It was great being able to represent the state and sport you love."

Bode now plays for the men's soccer team at Shepherd University in West Virginia. He said his favorite memory of the tournament is scoring in the USA's match against India. He said he was also pretty pumped that he started in every game the USA played.

 "No other feeling has been able to top it," he continued. "Not in my wildest dream did I think I would represent the U.S. ever in my life."

Bode started playing futsal for recreation six years ago, and began playing competitively only three years ago. The futsal tournament proved to him that he is capable of reaching new levels athletically. "I got in at the base level," he shares. "I got a little taste of it, and I still have more work to do and a lot of room for growth." 

And he said he remains determined to improve and reach new levels.

"You're never done," he said. "You get one place and there's another level you can reach so it's always trying to reach that level – to the best that you can and show what you can do."

Bode added that he prefers futsal to regular outdoor soccer because the small playing space requires players to have more technical ability and adverse weather conditions don't play a factor in the game. "It's not all about who's stronger but who can think faster and who's technically better."

He said he also thinks futsal is more challenging mentally. "It's so fast-paced," he explained. "There are so many things you have to be thinking of. In outdoor, there's not as much going on – not everyone is involved in the plays so you can daze off. But in futsal you always have to be thinking about what the other person is thinking and think three moves ahead of them just like a chess match."

Bode said he hopes students consider his experience as an example of what student athletes can accomplish if they choose to attend CSM and he encourages people to consider taking the community college route after high school. In fact, he credits his time at CSM for the success he is experiencing today on the field, and off.

"I chose to attend CSM after determining it was the best choice logistically, financially and academically," he said, adding that when he started college he wasn't sure what he wanted to study. "CSM gave me the opportunity to explore his interests with the wide variety of elective classes without having to go into debt," he said. He also credits the sport psychology class he took at CSM for helping him decide that he wants a career in sport management.

"I've grown up around sports, playing all kinds of sports, so surrounding myself with classes centered around sports definitely intrigued me," he said. He plans to graduate from Shepherd University with a bachelor's degree in Recreation and Sport Studies and his career plans include starting in sport administration and working his way up to be an athletic director.

"After I graduate, I'm definitely going to continue my soccer career, whether that's outdoor or futsal, preferably futsal, but wherever I can go is where I will go," Bode shared.