Facilities Overview

Fitness Center
Enjoy a comfortable, “no-fuss” exercise alternative. Take part in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training activities in our newly updated state-of-the-art Fitness Center.

The gymnasium is open to students for classes and during supervised open gym hours.

Swimming classes are available for all ages, as well as lifeguard training, basic SCUBA and therapeutic aquatic instruction. Pool membership is available for non-students, faculty, and staff. The pool is open free of charge to credit students with a valid CSM student ID.

Tennis Courts
The tennis courts are open to all students when not in use by a class or by the CSM tennis teams.

Wellness Center
The Wellness Center encourages the development of healthy lifestyles through fitness assessments, body composition analysis, and other health related screenings. Education programs are offered on health related topics. Students, staff, faculty and community members are encouraged to stop by for handouts, brochures, and other wellness information